Shadows of a fading mind

Linger Hope

Night fell the end of the flow
Letting the world go, cold
And let in, the crimson glow
Opening eye, on worlds sold

Turning on seasons for worth
Lies quiet the forgiving cry
Hindmost the favoring source
And sweet ends the last goodbye

Oh faith, lingering the edge
Called the broad fight
Sooth down all the bridge
Brighten my forever won light


It’s taken.. i can hear myself now
we’ll never win these arms of fate
on a day, holds the calling vow
in a distant candle light, desecrate

faces moving into the hovering
mist,favor the lament of gate
until these worlds we’re living
forever, the dream we conjugate
secluded, grow in night reliving

of a call seen for a losing eye
lost in time,with it shining
opaque, vacant our descry
hindmost, greys of lining

Dark leash

Reality shines on, shatter
Light upon the wrath
Brought of distant matter
Shoots a mist of vast

Cathedrals of pillar, meet
Fooled by false bleak
Gazing the darkness end
Resounds the solar leek

Yearning in defined pretense
Pleading the written intentions
Torn in shear quest
Lead the star gate, aspire

Beacon my dark leash
Scum of the hatred lie
Show the case of one
Break the forever endeavor

Hold my soul, arrive
Truth the falling craves
Gesture your compromise
Dreams of image caves

Hears the future, adrift
Edges are scarred deep
Now the sound lifts
Wanders the static sleep.




Restless hearts playing another show
Of life as all of us seem to know
We weigh out our sorrows and start
A circle of the endless depart
Leaving all behind as it goes by
Moving on to the open vast
Wandering as the clock goes fly
Paper feelings smells of past with
Legions of fray soar the domain
the search of a new life lies in vain
and glory and riches once gained
cries of the fallen echoes its roar
…Rise my silver shaded sword
Clash the mights of reverse
Draw the line of past record
Sound asunder and disperse
Leave all behind as it went by
Move to the open vast
Illuminate as the clock goes fly
Illuminate, Ignite and Destroy…



Visions nullify the fading truth of the sinful
Washing out those figures of tomorrow
Break down the spirit of the handful
Repeating cycle of night, time to borrow
Words breaking duality in all truth
Passing on, liberate our insight
Beauty of grey, fountains of youth
Behind clear glass, Let in and invite
In midst of the fog, unties
Ours dreams and lies
lies beneath the grey cold city
Time to choose, Hope or pity?
Release wind into the lung
Hold onto the cliff
Forgiveness chants are sung
Death song , it riffs..


Crimson Tree

Indifference of the attached fates
faceless crimson tree becomes the gate
in voids of sky, the search still relate
pleading the bleeding of the petal’s bait
while stuck in your selfish desires showing
the end of the falling blackened remorse

Strikes of thunder resounds the echoing
silence of the upcoming storm’s wrath
shadowing the monsters of the never ending past
lurking in the dead end future of a soul mass
flickering the static of the dew’s vast
shock the ground of black, crack the deadly sin.